The Basic Principles Of service

Special Air Service active service at anyone's service be of service civil service Test Neighborhood service relationship service

lawn tennis, tennis - a video game performed with rackets by two or 4 players who strike a ball forwards and backwards above a Web that divides the court docket

Reps and direct Taxes shall be apportioned Amongst the various States which can be integrated in just this Union, according to their respective Numbers, which shall be determined by incorporating to the whole number of free of charge Folks, including Individuals sure to Service for a Time period of A long time, and excluding Indians not taxed, 3 fifths of all other People.

n → Dienst m; his trustworthy service → seine treuen Dienste; services to at least one’s region/the Queen (of soldier etc) → Dienst an seinem Vaterland/für die Königin; her services to market/the state (politician, industrialist) → ihre Verdienste in der Industrie/um das Land; he died from the service of his region → er starb in Pflichterfüllung fileür sein Vaterland; he has 10 a long time’ service driving him → er hat zehn Jahre Dienstzeit hinter sich (dat); to accomplish somebody a service → jdm einen Dienst erweisen; to carry out or see very good service → gute Dienste leisten; this box did service for a desk → diese Kiste hat schon als Tisch gedient; to be of service → nützlich sein; for being of service to anyone → jdm nützen; it’s of small service within an emergency → im Notfall nützt es wenig; to generally be at somebody’s service → jdm zur Verfügung stehen; (man or woman also) → jdm zu Diensten stehen; can I be of service to you?

Grimaud experienced, certainly, throughout 20-two many years of service, viewed his master extricate himself from so many complications that nothing at all a lot less than Athos's imminent death was very likely to make him uneasy.

squash rackets, squash racquets, squash - a recreation performed in an enclosed court by two or four gamers who strike the ball with very long-handled rackets

service - the act of offering a writ or summons on anyone; "he recognized service of your subpoena"

It requires no on page seo talent in the science of war to discern that uniformity while in the Firm and discipline with the militia could be attended with the most valuable results, Anytime they ended up known as into service for the general public defense.

a : to satisfy interest and sinking fund payments on (credit card debt) did not have the income move to service a big personal loan

the overall performance of responsibilities or even the responsibilities executed as or by a waiter or servant; profession or work to be a waiter or servant.

firm - an establishment designed to carry out enterprise; "he only invests in big nicely-recognized firms"; "he started out the organization in his garage"

We don't know his title; we only know of him what exactly is materials for us to grasp - that he was never ever backward on events of Determined service. We now have this on the authority of the distinguished seaman of Nelson's time.

none - a service within the Roman Catholic Church previously examine or chanted at three PM (the ninth hour counting from dawn) but now to some degree before

a thing manufactured or performed by a professional Corporation for the public advantage and without having regard to direct financial gain: Sure books are printed at a reduction for a general public service.

They are really aiming to preserve critical services → están intentando mantener en funcionamiento los servicios mínimos

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